How to take professional pics with your smartphone

Now the so-called mobile photography is more and more spread out: it offers the possibility to create high quality pictures by your smartphone

Equipment first! First you need the right equipment, that is the best photography device, in a period when smartphone producers invest in the pic sector. How to choose the best? Do not focus on pixels, which are actually a secondary element, but check the kind of sensor in the camera, the exposure and the stabiliser features. What matters is the light the sensor may capture, whose quality is shown in the little number next to letter “f”, about exposure and focus: the lower the number, the more the light captured.

If you want to get the best frame, concerning lines, you should use the RAW mode, which gives you shots without compression, with big size pictures, you may edit with higher depth. Be careful to your device memory, which may influence the number of shots.

But how can you get professional results? Here’re some tips to take wonderful pics.

  • Use manual settings, in diaphragm, times and focus.
  • In case of short-light pics, choose the long exposition;
  • In case of moving pics, use a high-speed shutter;
  • In case of sequential pics, use the “Burst” mode;
  • To get a blurring effect on the background, use a large exposure;
  • When you want to capture every detail, use the “Macro” mode.

And accessories? They can be useful even when it comes to smartphones.

First of all, the classical tripod keeps your device stable while shooting. And if it is true that one of the limits of smartphone cameras is the lack of professional zooms, you may use Olloclip or Fish-eye lens, if ever you need more lenses or a wide-angle.

For post-production, there are several apps, like VSCO or Snapseed, which intervene on different features, such as exposure, lights, shadows, saturation and structure.