Instagram: 7 useful tips

Instagram is now a showcase where ordinary people and vips show their looks and their emotions, but even memories of trips or events they take part in. Influencers, bloggers and videomakers mainly use Instagram to increase their followers and their visibility and, then, to get money.

Here are some tips how to post the best pics, concerning tag and hashtag.

  • Choose original frames and exploit reflexes. A way to catch followers it to choose original and particular frames. You may shoot top-down or bottom-up, or on sideways and you will get some peculiar aspects of an objects, that would maybe be difficult to see from traditional angles. Reflexes may give value to a landscape or the environment. The best surface is water. For a perfect shot, you may hold your smartphone only an inch over water surface. Best insta subjects are on beaches, reflective moments, sunsets or silhouettes.
  • Profile pictures and vertical pics. Your profile picture is important as it is your visiting card, so choose nice, well-lit and quality pictures. The vertical modality is the best liked on Instagram, as it gives more visual harmony inside your gallery.
  • First minimalism and choose effect-sentences. Sometimes, minimalist photography is underestimated, but it makes you focus only on an object, so that the final composition is more harmonious and well-looking. Moreover, a pic has a bigger impact when it is usually matched with a description or a sentence that shows emotions. If you want, exploit aphorisms, but try to be creative to give your audience something personal.
  • Edit your pics. Before posting on Instagram, pics need a small edit that improves their quality. Instragram filters are not advised, while you may use specific apps that edit pictures size.
  • Black and white. It is never out of fashion, even on Instragram. It gives more drama and solemnity to your pics.
  • You may add up to 30 # to a pic. You don’t need to use all of them but you should use the best to your audience. More than popular hashtags, choose less chosen hashtags which are nice and creative, especially when it comes to the sea or selfies.
  • Be patient. As all photographers know, you have to be patient to take beautiful pictures. For a perfect frame you could need a good number of pictures. Do not stop after the first shot, though it convinces you. You could find flaws when you deeply analyse it.