Light in wedding pictures: how make-up, dress, time and…cakes matter

Every bride cares about it! Every couple has (rightfully) high expectations. We’re talking about wedding pictures: unforgettable memories, the evident tale of the most important day.

Wedding shots have to be absolutely perfect. And one of its secrets is light. Of course, spontaneity of expressions, location, tools and the photographer’s technique are fundamental, but light plays a central role.

Considering the importance of light, mainly natural, is extremely important. Shooting beautiful outdoor couple pics, maybe in summer, is a must. At 12 it is different from at 19. Rarefied light, full of hues, at the Golden Hour may enrich the photo tale with precious details. You should rely to the photographer, listen to his/her advice and his/her skills.

There’s something, though, which the bride may contribute a lot to. An example? Dress and make-up. You should limit on paillettes, glitters and strass. You should privilege matt than the glossy effect and do not be plenty of glitters. All these elements may create annoying light games which may interfere with shooting.

Another crucial moment is the cutting of the cake. As you don’t have a natural light – you should often create perfect lights and avoid any annoying background elements, such a heater.

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